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Hidden bays near Vinisce

Sevid - Stari Trogir

On the southern slopes of Sevid, in the area Krč, there are archaeological remains of the Church of St. Vitus, after who Sevid was named. In Sevid you can enjoy the crystal clear sea on one of the many beaches and hidden coves that are found throughout the peninsula.

One of the most beautiful coves is Stari Trogir (Old Trogir), which is also an archaeological park, adorned with sandy beaches, clear water and the remains of a Roman villa.

Vela Rina

The Vela Rina in the south of the island Mali Drvenik offers good shelter from Bora, but it is exposed to the south and east. Through the sand bottom the water shimmers in beautiful blue tones and invites you to swim. At the shore there is a small beach from which the water gently falls into the sea. A small paradise which isn´t as overflowed as the larger sister Veli Drvenik although it is only a few nautical miles away from Vinisce is. The three buoys belong to the Vela Rina restaurant where you can enjoy fresh, typical Dalmatian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.


Ljubljeva Bay is one of those small hidden and inaccessible places with beautiful sea and sandy beach. It is only a few nautical miles away from central Vinisce bay and there you can find a unique atmosphere, true summer vibe. Suitable for children.


Voluja is a very small, isolated and deep cove suitable for diving as well as jumping from cliffs. It belongs to Vinisce and is one of the older bays where stone from the nearby Roman quarry Petlara used to be loaded. Now there are mostly small fishing boats.

Drvenik Veli

Drvenik Veliki is an island situated in middle Dalmatia and only 8 nautical miles away from Trogir, 2 from Vinisce. Its area is 12.07 square kilometers. The only settlement on the island is the near-eponymous village of Drvenik Veliki  with a population of 168 and the island was first inhabited in the 15th century. In Croatian monuments from the 13th century the island is mentioned as “Gerona” or “Giruan”. The coast is rugged and consists of many bays with sandy and pebbly beaches.

On the south side of the island is beautiful bay Solinska, and on the east side is a nice place called Krknjaši famously known by the name of Blue Lagoon. There you will find a nice place to eat with fresh sea food or something else of your preference.